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  1. Revolver cylinders without throat?

    Pistols & Revolvers
    Hi everyone! :) Hope you're all doing fine. Recently, I have been very confused when I started diving into some technical details on revolvers. I used to be a semi-auto guy but I'm starting to like revolvers a lot as well. So I'm familiar with how a non-rimmed auto-cartridge headspaces on the...
  2. Security Six Holster

    Pistols & Revolvers
    I was given a Ruger Speed Six by my grandfather a few years ago. I am wanting to get a holster to carry the revolver, but none of the companies even lost the speed six as an option. They have the security six listed, I am wondering if the security six holster would fit the speed six ? If not...
  3. Found an LCR .22 with G10 Grip

    Ruger Double Action
    I have been on the lookout for a second LCR for around two years. Finally found one on the local trading site. The Gent said "NIB" condition and un-fired - and I thought to myself, uh-huh. Well, I was wrong! It has no evidence of use - not even from factory test firing. I was also skeptical...
  4. Help with .357 Blackhawk

    Ruger Single Action
    I have acquired a Ruger .357 Blackhawk. From what I have found I believe I have a 3 screw model. I've tried to find a serial number match but haven't had any luck. There appears to be something that can screw into the top of the frame with one little screw. Doesn't seem to have any wear on the...
  5. For All You Security Six Fans - 1984 Catalog

    Ruger Double Action
    Here's a blast from the past. Ruger's Product Catalog from 1984. Below are the pages for the Security/Service/Speed Six's, with the price list included. Sure takes you back. Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. For Sale: CT: $395 - Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight (No Lock) FTF only

    For Sale: Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight revolver. This model has the desirable NO INTERNAL LOCK. The gun comes in box with everything as new. In addition to the factory rubber grips, I will include a set of genuine Smith & Wesson black wood boot grips. These grips retail for $62.00 on the S&W...
  7. Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC Single Action Revolver
  8. Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC