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  1. Ruger Rimfires
    My new SR22 (never-fired) won't fire a bullet. I insert the full mag of bullets I know work, turn off the safety, and squeeze the trigger. Nothing but CLICK. The magazine seems to have play in it. I know the gun won't fire of the mag isn't seated correctly. Help. Thank you.
  2. Ruger 10/22 Rimfire
    Where can I buy a Troy T22 chassis?
  3. Ruger Bolt Action
    Just received one of these this afternoon and was on the way to shoot it. Chambered one round out of the magazine to be sure it would feed, but then found the rifle wouldn't extract. I removed the bolt and discovered there was no extractor or circular extractor spring installed. These two...
  4. Ruger Rimfires
    Who has one of this? "We used to buy rimfire versions of our centerfire arms to save money while training. .22 LR ammunition has been so scarce lately that LaserLyte has come out with a trainer for your trainer. The LT-LR is designed to fit inside the barrel of firearms chambered in .22 LR (or...
  5. Parts & Accessories
    I mounted this to my 10/22 only had it for 2 months. Great shape, nothing wrong with it. Just want an upgrade so I can buy a more powerful scope so I can swap between my 10/22 and another more powerful rifle I am planning on purchasing. Selling for $120 including shipping in US. Price is firm! W...
1-5 of 5 Results