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  1. LOWEST Scope Bases and Rings!

    If you want the lowest Base + Ring combination to get your scope as low as possible, you can stop researching now! This was the ONLY combination that got my Leupold XV-Freedome 3-9X40 scope as low as I wanted to get it...(as low as possible!) and it Worked GREAT and Looks GREAT!: WARNE Maxima...
  2. Red Dot on a Ruger proprietary scope ring base

    Ruger Bolt Action
    What's the easiest way to mount a Red Dot sight on a rifle? Does a Burris- Ruger to Weaver base work? Does an aftermarket Picitanny rail need to be installed? And how do I know whether a Red Dot will mount to a Weaver or Picitanny rail? Will I just be mad that I didn't spend $3-500 on a good...
  3. Want To Buy: Stainless M77 Rings

    Parts & Accessories
    I bought a used M77 Mark II Stainless Synthetic (Canoe Paddle) but it did not come with the scope rings. I looked on Ruger's web site and they want $80 for the standard set! I am going to be using a Leopold 3-9x40 with one inch tube, so the standard set will work perfectly. Does anyone have some...