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  1. Black Powder
    Hello all, First post here... Anyways, I have a ROA that has three nipples that I just cannot get out. I hadn't even fired it since I got it at a pawn shop, but I left it near a window that was open for three days in a humid summer... Maybe they were seized to start with. I have soaked it in PB...
  2. Sold
    The ROA was mfg. in 1982. Upgraded the nipples to SS Slixshot nipples. Comes w/300+ roundballs, 500 #10 percussion caps, inline capper, powder flask, powder measure, 1/2 pound of fff powder, nylon holster 💥 💥 💥 $500. or trade for 9 mm semi-auto or bigger.
  3. Firearms
    The .457 cal. ROA has adjustable rear sights & Slix Shot nipples. Comes with cleaning kit, 300+ round balls, in-line capper, powder, flask, measure & 900 caps. Extra powder, field rod & 15 350 grain hollow point bullets & 100 round balls for the Hawken. TheHawken has the patch box, double set...
  4. Ruger Single Action
    I just bought two consecutive number SS FS ROA from this fellow. He's selling his Father's collection. He just texted me that he has another ROA he's willing to sell me. It's a Blued FS ROA, mint. Here's the kicker: the barrel looks to be 7 1/2" but the loading lever is for the 5 1/2" model...
1-4 of 4 Results