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  1. After Market Ruger American Bolts?

    Ruger Bolt Action
    Hi guys/gals, I wish to convert my 300 BLK rifle to 6.5 creedmore with a prefit barrel. Are there any aftermarket bolts for the Ruger American? Or do I need to conatact Ruger?
  2. Ruger American 9mm shoots high, no elevation adj. on sights

    Hello. First time poster here. Recently picked up an American pistol, first firearm I own, YAY!) Bringing it to the range, most every shot in the grouping is about 2 inches higher than the aim point (conservative estimate, average) at ranges from 7-12 yards. This is using a set of Novak's iron...
  3. Howdy from British Columbia

    New Users
    Howdy, Josh here from BC, bought a Ruger American in 30-06 for hunting this year. I have yet to shoot game, only practiced with 10 rounds so far. I always wanted a 30-06 for an all-purpose NA game rifle, but I'm already thinking about a .308 or creedmore predator model for the heavy barrel...