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  1. New Guy from SE Arizona

    New Users
    Hi and Merry Christmas to all!! I'm out here in Arizona and have decided to do some shooting -- there's a range a couple of miles away so it's convenient, and also I'm close to several mountain ranges and overpopulation isn't a problem yet. I haven't shot for years, I had picked up an FN FAL...
  2. Good Hunting Ammo for Scout with 16.5" barrel?

    I am going to take my Scout deer hunting. Max range will be 150 yards. I want to make sure the ammo will expand some, but I am concerned because of the short barrel. It will have a Harvester Can on the end, so I will get a little better velocity than the barrel only, but I am not sure how...
  3. 3 Ruger Rifle bargains

    Ruger Bolt Action
    I think I may have a Ruger addiction. I have always collected and hunting with mostly Ruger rifles since I was a teenager. Just like they way they are made, like their look, they way the feel and handle and most of all the way they SHOOT. If I come across a bargain on one I always buy it if...
  4. Gunsite Scout first blood

    Gunsite Scout first blood

    Bull Elk Fall 2012-- first blood for the RGSR