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  1. What's My Firearm Worth
    Soo I picked it up from a neighbor who’s moving.. wiped it down with some oil and put it away. I’ll probably never use it. But I’m just curious what’s it worth? Has a 2inch crack on the stock. Auto ejector which was supposedly a option. I know the values on these can fluctuate largely depending...
  2. Tactical_Winchester_1300_Defender_016

    I've updated the Build on my 12 gauge Winchester 1300 Defender. Here it is. Simpler, Lighter, Better. It's as close to a FN TPS as I could get it without it actually being one. Kit Fox Defense stock adapter and stock with a Spikes 5.4oz heavy buffer and spring, FAB Defense AGR-43-BLK Rubberized AR-1
  3. Maverick 88

    Maverick 88 20 Guage
  4. Maverick 88

    Maverick 88 20 Guage
  5. Rifles
    Hmmm, has anyone seen this (probably everyone but me). That's one wicked looking shotgun! Maybe with 13 rounds, I could actually hit something! Never was good with shotguns. Maybe I had the wrong gun! :cool:
1-5 of 5 Results