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  1. Ruger LCP II front sight paint

    Ruger Pistols
    I'm sure this subject has been broached before, but I thought I'd pass on a specific option for front sight paint for the Ruger LCP II. I use Dykem Brite-Mark paint markers. Just apply a white coat and then follow it up with orange or any other color after it dries. The white makes the orange...
  2. Ruger American 9mm shoots high, no elevation adj. on sights

    Hello. First time poster here. Recently picked up an American pistol, first firearm I own, YAY!) Bringing it to the range, most every shot in the grouping is about 2 inches higher than the aim point (conservative estimate, average) at ranges from 7-12 yards. This is using a set of Novak's iron...
  3. Ruger PC Carbine Question!

    Hey all, thanks in advance for any advice you may give! I'm brand new to both this forum, and the Ruger PC Carbine. Let me start by saying I LOVE this gun. I've got about 300 rounds through it at this point without a single issue other than the follwing, and the features are totally awesome...