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  1. Firearms
    Hello all. I’m searching far and wide for a Single Seven Lipsey’s SS Birdshead. Looking for new or used. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ruger Single Action
    Hello all. I’m new to this, but figured it’d be worth a shot. I’ve been looking everywhere for a Single Seven Lipsey’s stainless birdshead. I’ve only been able to locate one on gunbroker and just watched it sell for 1,300$. Any information on where I might find one would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Ruger Single Action
    I very recently bought my first Ruger SA; the Single-Seven .327 Federal Magnum. It's a beautiful piece of work. I've owned several single-action revolvers, starting with a German-made .22 Magnum that I bought to plink and murder jackrabbits with during the 1960s. I have owned five or six...
  4. Ruger Double Action
    Hello! I am new to the forum and need a little help spending money I probably don't have. I am looking for a kit gun to carry while I bird hunt (primarily predators out to 150) and have decided that the .327 Federal is the best cartridge for my needs. I've narrowed it to two guns: The Single...
1-4 of 4 Results