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single six

  1. What's My Firearm Worth
    Hello Ruger Board! I have a Ruger Single Six New Model (9.5" barrel) that appears to have been made in 1973 SN# 62-36822. I have both 22LR and 22WMR cylinders. Grips are probably not original, as they are white. The cylinders do not have any markings that I can find (?) It does not have a "3...
  2. 1955 Single Six

    1955 Single Six

    Just Purchased 1955 Single Six Flat Gate
  3. Ruger Single Action
    I inherited a 1956 Ruger Single Six with black handles. it has some wear on the bluing from the holster. Mainly on the end of the barrel. it is in good condition other than the bluing wear. i am looking for a value.
  4. Single Six Convertable

    Single Six Convertable

    Single six with color fill on white grips
  5. single six

    single six

    His is a picture of the single six
  6. Single Six with Mag Cylinder

    Single Six with Mag Cylinder