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  1. Ugly Betty. See Pictures of the Ugly Gal...

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    Smith and Wesson 649 with that dreadful lock! Oh, the MIM and humanity!! :D What an ugly humpback of a revolver! :cool:
  2. The SR is growing on me

    Ruger Pistols
    I've overlooked the SR as kind of the budget gun among similar offerings from other companies and never taken it seriously. As I'm currently looking for something to use as a dedicated vehicle pistol the polymer framed, striker fired guns have my attention. They are reasonably priced, good...
  3. Flat Stack 9mm: Let me regale you

    So, I am a man of many sorrows. My first semi was an OD green SR9 that I loved very much, but could not conceal carry easily. So, I bought a LC9. I liked both. However, with marriage, baby, and the last summer of college cram sessions in order, I had to sell the LC9 to fund books and gas. I...