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  1. Pistols & Revolvers
    OK, here are some reflections on my journey with my 2.25 shrouded hammer SP101 and my K6s. When I decided to join the gun/shooting world I did research, lots of research. Learned terminology, read tons of reviews, pros and cons of types of guns..... And of course, the popular wisdom is to get...
  2. Ruger Double Action
    I have a SP101 in 2" 357mag and 4" 22lr. I carry the 2" IWB. The 4" I have yet to carry (although it is much fun to shoot!). Is there a holster that they can both share? I am willing to seek IWB and OWB options. A Fobus paddle may be the answer: can they both utilize it? I don't want to ccw...
1-2 of 2 Results