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sp101 22lr

  1. Old-style SP101 in .22 - Convert to .22 Mag?

    Ruger Double Action
    I stopped by a local LGS and range today and found this SP101 in .22. It has the box and was much cheaper than they're priced on GB ($400 versus $699, but unsold, on GB). So, I picked it up. It's been fired quite a bit but not abused. It took about an hour to get the finish - especially the...
  2. Ruger SP101 holster

    Ruger Double Action
    I have a SP101 in 2" 357mag and 4" 22lr. I carry the 2" IWB. The 4" I have yet to carry (although it is much fun to shoot!). Is there a holster that they can both share? I am willing to seek IWB and OWB options. A Fobus paddle may be the answer: can they both utilize it? I don't want to ccw...