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  1. Projects
    Hello, been a long time since I posted anything but I been lurking. Is it a common practice to swap barrels on the Ruger double action line of revolvers? They have a "crush fit" which I believe is different than Smith and Wesson. I often see where people swap barrels on the SAW revolvers but...
  2. Sold
    The left side insert is servicable, and it comes with the busted right side insert if you want it. For you enterprising woodworkers out there, you could pop out the nuts and use them in a new set. Alternatively, you could refurbish the left side insert, and use the broken right side insert as...
  3. Ruger Double Action
    I purchased a new SP101 in 327 Federal Magnum. No issues shooting 32 S&W Long. However, the cylinder froze the first time I shot 327 Magnum loads. The brass would not eject from one chamber and had to be driven out. The case was bulged, especially towards the base, and could not be rechambered...
  4. Ruger Double Action
    What is your Favorite Ruger Double Action Revolver? Mine is the Ruger sp101 chambered in .357 magnum.
  5. Ruger Double Action
    I have a SP101 in 2" 357mag and 4" 22lr. I carry the 2" IWB. The 4" I have yet to carry (although it is much fun to shoot!). Is there a holster that they can both share? I am willing to seek IWB and OWB options. A Fobus paddle may be the answer: can they both utilize it? I don't want to ccw...
  6. Ruger Double Action
    Check it out! I have not seen one of these bad boys around my area. I went to a LGS and there it was! I was really looking for a Smith and Wesson revolver to try out, but Ruge got me again! It feels great, has a nice balance, and is a looker! I picked it up for an old 20g Mossberg and $300. I...
  7. photo5

    Trying out my Ruger .357s for the first time!
  8. My Ruger Family

    Here they all are, enjoy!
1-9 of 9 Results