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  1. Ruger Pistols
    Hey everyone I figured this is the place to go to get help or ask questions with issues regarding Rugers. This is my first post here as well. Anyway I just got done putting together a 9E and everything functions right if I push down hard on the slide between the ejection port area and rear...
  2. Ruger Pistols
    I have a SR9 that I can,t disengage the safety. It has one in the chamber that I can,t empty. I am a novice and could use some advice.
  3. Handgun Accessories
    I got a tac light for my SR9 and I can't decide if I want to keep it on or take it off? I think it may be useful and practical in certain situations, but I can't carry the SR9 with the light on there because it won't fit in my holster.... This is a first world problem I know...
  4. Range Reports
    I put 100 rounds of Blazer 124gr ball ammo down range today. The SR9 did not have a single issue, but it was shooting a little high, so 3 clicks clockwise brought it down a bit. I was able to manage 4-5 inch groups at about 25 yards so I was pleased. Still got to break it in, but I am getting...
  5. Range Reports
    So I snuck out to get a little range time with my new SR9. I cleaned it yesterday, and at the range I shot 50 rounds of Speer Lawman, 20 rounds of Federal Hydra Shock 124 gr. JHP, and 25 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr. FTX. Not one single hiccup! The SR9 ate everything not one problem...
  6. Ruger Pistols
    So I am still waiting for my SR9 from the FFL (it'll prolly be tomorrow). I have been watching videos and a lot of folks are saying they don't like the magazine disconnect safety and recommend removing it. I just want to know why that is considered a bad thing? I understand in a life threatening...
  7. Ruger Pistols
    I've overlooked the SR as kind of the budget gun among similar offerings from other companies and never taken it seriously. As I'm currently looking for something to use as a dedicated vehicle pistol the polymer framed, striker fired guns have my attention. They are reasonably priced, good...
  8. MKIII, Blackhawk .357, P90TH , SR9

    One half of the sets of twins. I got my Vaqueros after this pic was taken.
  9. P1000845_Large

    From top to bottom: * Ruger Mark III Target (Blued) * Ruger SR22P * Ruger SR9 (Stainless Steel)
  10. Ruger SR9 Pistol

    Ruger SR9 Pistol
1-14 of 14 Results