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  1. Super Redhawk magna ported

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    Hello fellow Ruger fans. I am looking at a used Super Redhawk 9.5 that is Maga ported. Does anyone if you could get them from the factory that way or is it more than likely done by a gunsmith after purchase? Also does it affect the value if done after purchase? I will take your response's off...
  2. Super Redhawk Questions

    Ruger Double Action
    I moved to a different state on 12/31 and went to my new LGS today for the first time. They have 3 SRHs with the 7.5 inch barrel plus an Alaskan. One of the 3 is used but has the newer Hogue rubber grip. One of the 3 was brand new. One of the 3 has the older grip, and the shop owner said it is...
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