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  1. Sold
    The left side insert is servicable, and it comes with the busted right side insert if you want it. For you enterprising woodworkers out there, you could pop out the nuts and use them in a new set. Alternatively, you could refurbish the left side insert, and use the broken right side insert as...
  2. Ruger Double Action
    Hello fellow Ruger fans. I am looking at a used Super Redhawk 9.5 that is Maga ported. Does anyone if you could get them from the factory that way or is it more than likely done by a gunsmith after purchase? Also does it affect the value if done after purchase? I will take your response's off...
  3. Ruger Double Action
    I moved to a different state on 12/31 and went to my new LGS today for the first time. They have 3 SRHs with the 7.5 inch barrel plus an Alaskan. One of the 3 is used but has the newer Hogue rubber grip. One of the 3 was brand new. One of the 3 has the older grip, and the shop owner said it is...
1-4 of 4 Results