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  1. What's My Firearm Worth
    Yes, this is my first post and I’m new to this forum, so thanks for having me. I am a recently retired LEO from CA. I am realistically reviewing my firearm collection and determined I am never going to shoot this gun. According to the serial number, I purchased it in 2012. It’s a .45...
  2. Ruger Single Action
    So I just recently purchased a brand new Ruger New Vaquero in 357 magnum and had some concerns. I cleaned the barrel and noticed that there is a lot of copper fouling from the factory. The rifling is almost mirror smooth but there is a lot of copper and I have NOT shot it yet. Is this normal or...
  3. Ruger Single Action
    This is my first post so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place or goofed up. Anyway, so long story short I bought a used Vaquero in 357, it was listed as "like new" and appears to be just that, like new. However, upon closer inspection I noticed these little burrs, bubbles, curling in...
  4. What's My Firearm Worth
    I have a factory blued 7.5 inch barrel in 44 mag serial number says it was shipped in the 90s and I just can't find a good value for it cause I cannot find any to compare
  5. Ruger Single Action
    hi guys new to the forums, but I've been looking for a long time to find a stainless steel 7.5" vaquero 44 magnum for sale. If anyone could locate one or would have one they're willing to part with give me a shout. Email address is [email protected]
  6. Ruger Single Action
    Aloha folks, im trying to find if anyone has 3dmodel or STL Files of the Vaquero's Grips, looking to find a plain model of them to modify and SLA/Resin print them as gifts for my Family and their SASS club. anyone able to steer me in the correct direction?
  7. Ruger Single Action
    Good afternoon all, I have a Ruger Vaquero (Not new style) in 45LC with a blued steel bird's head grip frame that sadly does not fit my large hands very well, so I am looking to switch it over to a larger, standard grip frame. From all my research on this, I thought I found that I needed an...
  8. Parts & Accessories
    I have a near-new .45ACP cylinder for sale. Up front - this is an older large-frame cylinder - it is too large to fit into the frame window on my New Vaquero .45LC. But, it will fit large-frame .45LC frames, and the old/original Vaquero .45LC frames. It came from a circa-2000 Blackhawk .45/.45...
  9. Gun Gallery
    So, I was offered this fine Vaquero. I couldn't say no. And now I have it! Stainless Ruger Vaquero Birdshead in 45 ACP. I'm going to polish it up a bit. The previous owner's grubby fingerprints are all over it. Can you guess who's it was? It smells like Cerakote... :D
  10. Vaqueros

    Vaqueros 5 1/2" 7 1/2"
  11. Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC Single Action Revolver
1-11 of 11 Results