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I just received a CHP 357mag and tomorrow it goes to the smyth to have the chamber stretched to the Rem Maximum. What is the twist on this?? Also, trying to only buy a couple powders - getting back into reloading after a 27 year recess - what is your fav hunting load and fav plinking load. This will be primarily a deer gun, but would like to have a reasonably accurate plinker load for squirrels and such.

Just popping a few 38's (all I could find) this is one fun gun to shoot. When it comes back from the smyth it will sport a VX3i 3.5-10x40.

It will be a fine companion to my 30/06 B-78.

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Hey puddle rat. I see this is from 3 months ago, with 0 replies.
.357Max brass is available from time to time. Usually Remington head stamped.
Twist rate for a .357Mag will work for the .357Max..
The bullet weight from the factory was a 158 gr JHP/JSP offering.
It will do just fine with a 180 gr as well.
110 gr at ZOMG velocities? Not so much.

Powders: Accurate 1680 which is currently available at the last viewing.
Hodgdon Lil'Gun which was also seen this week.
Other options: N110, H110, W296, IMR 4227.

Primers: Small Rifle Benchrest, or Small Rifle.

Bullets: The best was Hornady's Single Shot Pistol bullet, a 180 gr spire point designed for .357Max velocities. With enough demand, they could do another run.

158 JHP/JSP, 170 gr JFP, 180 and 200 gr soft point bullets for the .35 Rem will all work.

Here is published load data from MGM for T/C Contenders, your Ruger #1 is far more robust.
However... the limitations of the components remain the same. MGM Load Data

I have chronographed 2000+ fps in a rifle barrel, with 180 gr SSPs using BR primers, Lil'Gun powder, and a moderate crimp to ensure uniform ignition. SD 4 fps in a 5 shot string - really good.
In a handgun, AA1680 with the same mix years ago for ~ 1650 fps in a 12 inch barrel.

It hits deer, like Thor's hammer. Probably big juju on feral hogs too.
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