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10/22 project gun

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im trying to acquire a used old rifle or reciever at this time to start on a 10/22 project. i wanna put a bullbarrel and custom stock on it. any other good mods anyone can tell meabout i can do to it. maybe even some suggestions on brands and types of parts to use like what works and doesnt work good for u.
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Haven't done one but Natchez and Cheaper than Dirt have lots of 10/22 stuff-both have websites.
thanks sheepdog ill check it out. also i hope i didnt offend you by writing that on the classified forum about getting off the subject. i didnt mind at all i had a good time exchanging messages. i was just hoping the brass didnt get mad over it.
They know I'm challenged and have been real patient with me...I've only been sent out to the back yard once so far....
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