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10/22 w/laser in stock

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Found a 10/22 yesterday at a local gunshop that I'm told is a limited production item. It's a 10/22 with what appears to be a thin blk synthetic stock (factory) with a laser in the front of it. When it's activated by pressing a small button on the side of the forestock, the beam appears directly under and on line with the bore.

Both the rifle and the laser unit are SS.

It's neat to a technologically-challenged old guy...I put the thing on lay-away!

Anybody ever seen one of these?
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i have never seen one how about a picture when you get it? i don't see it catologed as anything. whats the serial number.might been rare if was an offering.
10/22s have never been made with a laser. No doubt it is a home made job. I built up a "laser blaster" several months ago and posted it on the other Ruger forum. I have since added a 4X tactical scope, a flash supressor, side sling, and an extended mag release.

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I'm told that this thing is a "limited run" item, maybe from Davidson's...when I get it outa' layaway I'll get ya' the info on it, from the rifle and anything that might be definitive on the box, etc...It's definitely new/unfired.

Found out that they had two more of 'em...guys that I work with bought both of 'em, and, I'm told by one of the guys...who's already shot his...that it's strong stuff fer' twilite critters!
Was told today by one of the guys that bought one of these that they were a limited thing from "Accusport"(sp?). I'm not familiar with that company, but...
It's Acusport, a large distributor that orders special runs from Manufactures. They did the Acusport SS Bisley special runs. I don't know of any runs of the 10/22 that included the laser stock from the factory. It may have been added aftermarket but it won't "letter" with a laser.
If it looks like this it's an aftermarket Hogue with silver laser
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Saw an ad for one in Sacramento too, checked it out.
NIB, limited run from Ruger, distributor exclusive according to the retailer. Kind of like the P944TH, I imagine.
Only $239, seems like a good deal, but in the end I think I still would prefer a scope...
Just returned from gun show in Lake Charles, La.
Dealer had one for $369.00 firm.... limited run, he said.

I was wondering if just the stock/laser setup could be purchased.

Iowegan- was the laser you installed in your stock very hard to do?
My clamp on laser, under the barrel, seems to get bumped alot, throwing it "off".
Nice, Iowegan! Thanks for posting the pics!

I have had my 1022 for about 5 yrs and got it new. It came with the build in lazier and is in cameo. from ruger
Lasermax has a new laser that mounts off the 10/22s front barrel band. Its a really slick set up
laser 1022

I've owned 1022 bought new built in laser its camo great **** hunting even hat coyotes chase the laser dot
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