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Everyone seems to have at least one of these. For some reason, I have never owned one, in spite of having a number of other Ruger firearms. I don't have a good .22 semi-auto rifle right now. What makes the 10/22 so popular? Is the Wally World Special a good place to start?
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IMHO the 10/22 is probably the best semi-auto on the market. It's been around a long time, is a proven design, and like most things Ruger, takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I have several and when I just want to shoot, I usually take one out with a brick of ammo. Most have been accurate enough out of the box, it's just finding the brand of 22 ammo that each likes. There are two or three things that can be done cheaply to improve the accuracy and longiviety, and there are seemingly endless mods that can be done to make it personalized. A 10/22 was the second Ruger I bought.
Here's my WW Special
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rman, did ya ever get one? the world wants to know---
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