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Everyone seems to have at least one of these. For some reason, I have never owned one, in spite of having a number of other Ruger firearms. I don't have a good .22 semi-auto rifle right now. What makes the 10/22 so popular? Is the Wally World Special a good place to start?
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My sons are now 36 and 34. Before I acquired a FFL, For their 8th birthday, I bought each of my sons a 10-22 with a walnut stock at our K-Mart. They still have them. The 10-22, in my opinion, is THE BEST semi-auto .22LR in the business. They work and work and work. You can dress them out if you want to, any way you wish. Folding stocks, banana clips (although I prefer the factory magazines), they came with bases (how many companies throw a base in), easy takedown, etc. Lot of aftermarket goodies to put bull barrels on them too. Great little rifle!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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