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Gentlemen, I picked up this revolver some time ago. It has only the 22mag cylinder with it. The numbers on the cylinder don't match the frame. It shoots well and I never shoot over a box of 50 through it without cleaning it. The cylinder shake and the C/B gap are at +/- 0.001. It has no pitting or scratches. I know the tolerances are not something that ruger allows. It was apparently left in a leather holster and there's bluing loss on the barrel and side of cylinder. I considered sending it back to Ruger for a polishing/reblue. I asked the representative about the cylinder. He stated Ruger would not perform the work without changing the cylinder. I would rather not open up gaps where there are presently none. I figured that was a good thing to have gap tolerances that close. Isn't that one of the selling points on Freedom Arms revolvers? They're at +/- 0.001. Is my thinking wrong? Please educate me.
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