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I am posting this as a PSA for anyone who has a 22/45 MkIV that is having feeding problems in the hopes that it will help others.

Symptom: Releasing the slide on a full or nearly full magazine will typically cause the bolt face to override the round which will misalign and jam the round between the bolt and the top of the chamber.

Verification: Press and hold the magazine as high as it will go in the magazine well and repeat the test. If the round chambers without issue you are suffering from a magazine latch issue.

Cause: Ruger has released at least one (mine) pistol with frame molding issues centered around the half-moon shaped key slot (on the right side of the pistol in front of the grip) that the magazine latch goes into. Any excessive play in this key slot will cause the magazine to sit lower than it should which makes it hard for the bolt to strip off a round. The weight of a full magazine causes this problem to appear where a nearly empty magazine will sit just high enough that the issue disappears.

Fix: Of course you should send it back to Ruger for a warranty fix... but if you are a curmudgeon like me there IS another way without sending it back. Don't do this and don't blame me if you mess up your pistol. What I did to fix the issue was three steps.

1. I determined the areas of the key slot which were too loose by manipulating the mag latch and watching the magazine rise ever so slightly. I then VERY carefully used a toothpick and JB Weld to build-up the areas of the key slot that were too loose. I waited 3 or 4 days for the JB Weld to properly cure.

2. I took a very fine needle file and removed just enough excess JB Weld so that the mag latch fit perfectly in the key slot without undue friction. I test fitted every couple of small strokes of the file.

3. In my case, I made the magazine ride as high as possible by applying a slight rotation to the mag latch. Because of this, the mag latch presented a sharp edge that the magazine would catch on while seating. To smooth this out, I used a Dremel with a fine tapered stone to the lower edge of the mag latch to bevel it out slightly. I do mean slightly... a few seconds at the lowest speed was plenty. Don't over-do it!

Results: It would be hilarious if I said I totally messed everything up and had to buy a new frame and mag latch. But happily, all the FTF problems are gone no matter how full the magazine. The pistol cycles like a dream with no unusual witness marks on the brass or slug. The magazines insert, positively click into place, and eject without issue. The JB Weld in the key slot is holding up well.

I hope this helps someone someday!
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