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I have been here as a visitor, always reading about the single actions. I have always wanted a Ruger whether it was the Vaquero or the Blackhawk. I was going to buy me a new model in 45 colt, but I recently perused the local pawn shop and the gun shop. I had never found a Ruger until the other day at the PS in 41 mag. I went back the next day to buy it but some other fellow beat me to it. I then went to the gun shop (really more of a gunsmith shop) and lo, there was a 3 screw Blackhawk .357 mag in 6.5". Serial number reads 30-650xx, dating to 1970. It appears to be either a nickel or chrome finish. I do not know enough to tell the difference between the two. I guess it could be called a "beater" as the cylinder plating is worn in a couple places. However, lock up is tight and barrel rifling looks good.
I am thinking about sending it to Bowen for the "Kenai" conversion. I guess I have more than one question.
Is the nickel/chrome a standard finish or was it a aftermarket choice?
Should I send it to Bowen to customize or keep as it is?

I would love to have a full blown customization Bowen but that is too rich for me, however, the Kenai does not seem too bad. Only thing is that to make the Kenai conversion, Bowen cuts the barrel down to 4" to make it a backcountry packer.
Thanks for any help. (I don't know how to post pics)
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