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Considering I've had this pistol for 9 years, I realize this isn't a very high round count. I tend to shoot my pistols chambered in .357 sig, as that has become a favorite caliber for me.
The first 1500 rounds I used USA magazines - I have never used the Klinton 10 rounders that came with the pistol. I had the pistol jam on me one time in those first 1500 as a round nose-dived in the mag. It was Wolf ammo and the rounds OAL was too long - so blame that on the ammo.
I've had 12 other failures in my P89 - ALL from ONE box of Winchester 147gr. SXT. With these, I pulled the trigger and... the bullet would get out of the barrel, but there wasn't enough oooomph for the slide to cycle. A little scary since this is supposedly premium ammo.
I've shot about 11 different loadings ( actually more - but I didn't track them early on. )
Other than those ammo related problems, this gun has been reliable. Durable? Heck, it's not even broken in yet. It has been much more accurate than I would have guessed - but I do notice, after shooting my other pistols, it takes time to adjust to the sights.
Well, I'll write more a thousand rounds from now!!
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