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345 spring test

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Well I had the day off so I thought I'd go shooting at an outdoor range near my house. I took along my P90, 345, AR-15 and AK-47. I had changed the springs out in the Rugers to 19lbs. Wolf springs (because of Rnettles)and wanted to try them out. I have fired over 300 rounds through the 345 and may I say it is very accurate, the P90 I have to move the windage over to the right because it is shooting to the left. Over all both guns fired well with no problems, that included the AR and AK but I didn't think you guys would want to hear about them. I love my Rugers and think the Wolf springs are the way to go. I am adding a Hogue grip to the P90 and a set of front HiViz sights to both. So heres looking at you kid, may the force be with you, nanoo nanoo
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