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I use several 3 and 4 MOA red dots at 50 yards with my 22 pistols and rifles and it does tighten my groups up over using iron sights, but, then, I'm a long way from being a youth. :)

A 3MOA dot will cover 3 MOA (basically three inches) at 100 yards, so only 1.5 MOA (basically 1.5") at 50 yards. As to whether that will work for you depends on the target size. Your best bet for target sizes would be a bit larger, say two inches at a minimum so you can see and frame the dot in the center of the target. It's when your target disappears, completely behind the dot that accuracy starts to suffer. If your target size is smaller, you could still hold the red dot under the bull in a six o'clock hold, but being able to center the dot in the bull is much easier. It's the way red dots are designed to be used.

S.O.P. when using a red dot is to turn down the brightness until you can just see the red dot against the target. It's when you use too much brightness that things start to get fuzzy. Good luck.
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