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45 Colt +P does the bullet matter?

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Hey Ya'll,
Was missing the growing up days of plinking with the family on their farms but never had a lever and never had a revolver and can't afford the ammo. So within a couple months bought a Lyman press and reloading 45ACP and 45 Colt for the new Henry Big Boy 45 Colt and New Blackhawk 45 Colt convertible. Needless to say I'm having way too much fun beating up paper and beating my hand up with heavier loads, 10gr of Unique with 250gr Blue Bullets.
Anyway, I found a recipe in the Hornady book for Ruger/TC only loads. Of course Hornady wants to sell their bullets so the recipe is Hornady 250gr, up to 22gr of Accurate #9 and I use Starline Brass and Win WLP primers. This is fine and dandy I'll be loading up 50 of that recipe tonight for accurate heavy loads. The only problem is the cost of the bullet. I could save 20 cents a round ($40-$80 a month) and probably lose some accuracy using Blue Bullet RNFP's, but interesting to see the difference in the shot patterns. So do you guys see any problem changing out the bullet in the recipe?
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