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45 colt "ruger only" load review.

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Just finished up loading my test loads for my 7.5" blackhawk in 45 Colt... I will be chronoing them this weekend... tell me what you guys think of these.

All boolits lubed with carneauba red lube casted around 12-13BHN then heat treated/water dropped(should be 16BHN surface in a few days)

All bullet seated to crimp groove, 255gr have a good amount of crimp.

200gr LRN-FP (Lee 452-200-RF)
1.537" OAL
9.0gr Universal
10.0gr Universal
11.0gr Universal

255gr LSWC (Lee 452-252-SWC)
1.600" OAL
16.5gr 2400
17.5gr 2400
18.5gr 2400
19.0gr 2400

255gr LSWC (Lee 452-252-SWC)
1.600" OAL
CCI LP Mag Primer
24.0gr H-110
25.0gr H-110

My goal is to have a
950-1050fps load
1100-1250fps load
1300+ fps load

I already have plinker load of 6.0gr Solo 1000 behind a 200gr LRN-FP that clocks in at 725fps... but I want to experiment/experience the full spectrum of loads for the 45 colt.

So... do these sound reasonable... after a few good hours of research I have found the above loads to be below "max" loads that people are using.

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My favorite 45 Colt load is 18 grains 2400 with 250 grain coated flat point with Federal large pistol primer. It’s around 1100 FPS from my 4 5/8” Blackhawk and very accurate.
No opinion as I only tested >= 250gr lead bullets. As long as the CFE Pistol load is listed in the reloading manuals you should be fine. Hopefully that is where you got the load (I didn't check).
I didn't find any ruger only loads for cfe pistol just did a ladder up .5 grains at a time till it flattened the primer a bit cases fell out and some soot. I did do a lilgun ruger only load from hogdon book worked up to a maxload of 27.5 WOW what a boomer I backed off to 26.5 minimum load which was listed as min still stout but ok 👍 thanks for all your posts about 45 colt lots of good info to use and I don't load cfe like that any more I just tried them I'll stick to book data those lil gun and 225 ftx loads are in the book and they will work on any game I'll go after now to see how I'll load my 255 lee cast after I look up my hardness. In my new vaquero 7 gr reddot got me a nice 300 lb black bear so I know it will perform well as long as I follow hardness vs pressure.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts