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I have a nephew that has a bead blasting/sand blasting business. He gets drums of steel shot that is around #7-1/2 size. With lead shot being so expensive, he asked me if I could load this shot for 12 gauge target loads.

I can't find any information, that I trust that is, about what wads and powders to use. I know that volume-wise 1-1/4 oz lead volume equals around 7/8 oz of the steel shot. The will be a lot more pellets in the steel charge than the lead. I'd love to use std WWAA or Rem target hulls.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. We like to get together with family and shoot clays thrown from various throwers I have. It's fun because I can set up a couple sporting clays stations in my woods for practice and we all have a lot of fun.

Maybe I should just stick with lead?
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