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Here is a copy of a post I put up on another forum concerning the 77/xx series rimfires. I hope it will be of use to members here.

Hello everyone

I hope this can help everyone who would like to make their 77 rimfire trigger a little more user friendly. Out of the box the 77 rimfire trigger is about as stubborn as a mule, but it is "safe", in a lawyerly manner of speaking. I really think that most people with "inaccurate" Rugers are simply struggling with the stock triggers!

However, the trigger can be made much better with a little work, a lot of patience and very little money. First go to this link for instructions on a trigger job. It works on rimfires as well. There was no modification done on the sear in my rifle, just to the actual trigger. My result has no noticeable creep. This is to be done by a "qualified gunsmith", of course! One thing not well explained is that the weight of pull will be largely governed by the trigger spring. Your "gunsmith" will need to try slightly lighter springs to get it to your preference. I would NOT go below a 2.5 - 3.0 pound trigger for any field gun. Remember : your "gunsmith" must completely test for safety of operation after all modifications!

Even after the trigger work, the rimfire 77 trigger will have a huge amount of overtravel. This can be easily and cheaply made much better. You will need to find a small piece of aluminum or brass tubing that just fits INSIDE the trigger spring. It needs to be thin walled so it will fit over the nubs on both the trigger and sear when finally assembled. The real trick is to patiently file one end of this tube so it will fully release the sear, and then STOP the trigger from traveling any further.

Having installed an Eric Brooks trigger kit on my CZ452, I happened to have some brass tubes left over. My "gunsmith" used the one with the thinest wall and cut/filed until the desired results were achieved.

Final result : nice 2.75 - 3 pound hunting trigger with very little overtravel.

I also had my "gunsmith" make the trigger face rounded, via application of Dremel, file and sandpaper. The original square face with sharp edges was most uncomfortable to my trigger finger!

REMEMBER : This type of work must be performed by a " qualified gunsmith".
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