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Is there a general concensus as to the general size of this vintage Redhawk thriats? In other words did they tend to run small ? Large? Just right? 馃榿 I could try to get an idea with calipers yes but we all know thats not the way to vo and I still havent got off my @$$ and bought some pin gauges so what I did do is take sime different bullets to just try to get an Idea of their diameter. All I have are .429"(speer), .430"(hornady and stateline cast) and .431"(steteline cast). All three sizes pass through each chamber with very, very little resistance. The .429" obviously with no resistance and the .431" not much more.

Do Rugers historically have large-ish throat sizes? Just sent my s&w696 cylinder off to have it reamed, dont think Ill need to do that with the redhawk, unless I find many different sized chamber throats. It seems to shoot well though so I dont expect or suspect that I just want to start shooting more cast bullets in it and thus would like to size them correctly to maximize the guns potential.

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