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Security 9C. Blazer 9mm Luger, 115g FMJ.
100 rounds total down range in 15 round mag bursts. 20 minutes total time on target. 30' distance.
70 hits on paper, 53 hits on silhouette.

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Security Six. Remington .357 magnum, 125g JSP.
50 rounds down range in six shot bursts. 10 minutes time on target. 30' distance.
40 hits on paper and silhouette.

I wasn't too interested in holding a sight picture for marksmanship. Basically, once the gun came up from neutral and was sighted on target, even if not perfect, I sent a bullet down range; not speedy rapid fire, but maybe .5-1 sec interval between rounds. 150 rounds in :30min. Short day at the range but I was paying by the hour.

Side note: first time shooting .357 magnum ... what an incredibly powerful beast! Love at first squeeze.
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