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9x19 Dies

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Until last month, all my reloading was done in the 60's, 70's and 80's. I just got geared up again, but I've added a couple of new calibers and didn't have dies for them. Most of my old dies are RCBS and others are Lyman. Recently I bought a set of Lee Deluxe dies for the .40 S&W. They're kind of different, but so far no problems. My son bought me a set of 9mm Lee dies for Christmas. The paper in the box says Deluxe Die set, but it is a 3 instead of 4 die set. Somehow I think they got marked wrong or something. I assumed it has a carbide resizer, but something isn't right. It takes more effort to resize a puny little 9mm case than it does any of my other calibers. (.44 Mag, .357 Mag, .41 Mag, .45 Colt, .45 ACP, .32 H&R, .38 Spec, .40 S&W) I'm afraid if I continue to use it I'll have a stuck case. I tried using just a little case lube and they run through pretty slick. What's the deal? Do they even make pistol dies any more that aren't carbide and why should I have to lube the cases if it is? Anyway, I got hot and ordered a Lyman 4 die set.
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Hey guys, I gotta tell you this.

I know a guy on gun message boards who goes by 9x19. When I first saw this post, I thought “I didn’t even know he was sick!”

I did some checking and 9x19 is fine.
It didn’t take long to figure out what the thread was about after I started reading, but I thought as long as the thread is winding down, ya’ll might see some humor in it.
I use a lot of Lee's products and have never had any problems, but it is nice to know they are responsive.
I have mostly Lee dies and really like the factory crimp die. I got some Lee Deluxe Collet dies for 22-250 and discovered there is no factory crimp die with the set, so I ordered one. I also ordered a factory crimp die to go with all my RCBS dies, too. Lee doesn’t offer dies for .270 Weatherby magnum but you can order them custom made. I have the dies by RCBS but no factory crimp die. I just might order one of those too.
Why don’t I go with the crimp from a 2-die set?

I was just never happy with the crimp I got with a 2-die set.

I like a crimp. I have always had slightly better accuracy with crimped bullets than with un-crimped bullets. I have never gone to the trouble to do any actual comparisons; it’s mostly a seat-of-the-pants theory with a little experience thrown in.

If I knew I could seat a bullet so it just barely made contact with the rifling every single time, I guess I probably wouldn’t bother. It is my belief that crimping reduces the wobble on the rear of the bullet before it contacts the rifling.

That raises the question, how do I know the rear of the bullet wobbles before it reaches the rifling, and even if it does, doesn’t it straighten out before it gets out of the end of the barrel?

I believe the powder doesn’t burn in precisely the same pattern each and every time and causes the bullet to wobble as it leaves the case. And maybe the bullet does straighten out before it gets out of the end of the barrel, but even if it does, it is my further belief that it produces fewer, less severe, and more consistent harmonics. Fewer and less severe harmonics means better accuracy.

I managed to find this picture comparing crimps.

I anyone has some evidence to positively refute my thinking, I’m all ears.
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I just did a search with Good Search instead of Google, and this fella claims a 10% better accuracy rate with crimped ammo using a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
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