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I've mentally gone around in circles on this question for quite while (what's the best Stuff happens rifle if I could only have one) and I'm wondering why the following choices are rarely mentioned in these conversations:

  • Mini-14/Ranch Rifle - As far as I know, today's Mini's are as accurate and reliable as any $700-800 AR, with the same stopping power & rate of fire, in a package of similar size and weight
  • Gunsite Scout Rifle - The GSR is supposed to Ruger's implementation of Mr. Cooper's vision for just such a scenario and provides significantly more stopping power than an AK or AR (or Mini), with the main sacrifice being lower rate of fire
  • Springfield M1A - I'm partial to the Scout model which seems to be to a near perfect mix of the best features of the above mentioned weapons; the downside being the cost is more than the 2 listed above combined…
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