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Another Car Wreck

A policeman received a call to investigate a report of a terrible accident late one night. He drove to the location and saw nothing but smoke, steam and tire marks.
He got out and looked around the scene. There was glass, plastic metal and blood all over the area. He saw so many body parts lying around he couldn’t tell how many people or cars were involved in this wreck.
As he walked around scratching his head he said to himself but out loud, “I wish someone had seen this so they could tell me what the hell happened!”
Then he heard a noise inside what was left of a car. He ran over & started pulling things apart when he saw a little Monkey lying under what had been a dashboard.
The monkey seemed to be OK, just shook up quite a bit.
The officer said out loud again, “I wish we could understand each other so you could tell me what the hell happened here!”
The monkey shook his head Yes! The policeman said, “You mean you can understand what I am saying?” The monkey jumped up and down shaking his head Yes!
Policeman said, “Were you in this car?”, to which the monkey shook his head to reply Yes! “Can you tell me what happened?” Yes! “How many people were in the car?” Monkey jumped around and pointed to one head on the ground and what was left of one more. “Two people?” Yes!
“What were they doing before the accident?”
Monkey held two fingers to his mouth and started sucking on his fingers and pointed to a small plastic bag on the ground. “You mean they were smoking Dope?” YES! Was the response.
“What else were they doing?” Monkey bent over and started thrusting hip hips wildly. “You mean they were having Sex?” The monkey started jumping, shaking his head YES and chanting!
“What else were they doing?” Monkey curled his hand around his mouth and started blowing into his hand. “You mean they were having Oral Sex in the Car??”
YES was his response.
The officer asked, “What were You doing while all this was going on Monkey?”
The monkey ran over to where the officer had found him at the dashboard. He jumped on the seat, adjusted the rear-view mirror and started jumping up and down while turning the steering wheel!
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