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I joined this board several months ago looking for answers about a problem I was having with my new Single-Six Convertible .22 revolver. I didn't post about my problem at that time and instead performed a search and then read about what others with the same problem had done.

Since then my time has been taken up with other matters and while I have occasionally visited the board I have spent my time lurking and reading other people's posts instead of taking part and posting.

Now comes my problem...

There is a post in the classifieds I would really like to reply to as I would like to buy what he's selling (I'd actually prefer to send a P.M.). However as I haven't posted before I can't contact him at all.

While I can think of reasons why you'd have this restriction currently I'm finding this really annoying.

I am going to try posting and hope I hit the magic number in time to buy from him.

His classified:


Added with edit-
I just refreshed on his ad after posting this and something new popped up (I'm on a very slow connection, and occasionally pages don't load entirely). Anyway it seems he sold them on the 3rd. So even if I could have posted I would have been to late.... sigh

Thanks anyway

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dk,Please refer to the "Classified Guidelines" Sticky posted at the top of the Classifieds forum.It will explain the rules involved with the Classifieds. All classified ads are "Read Only" so you cannot reply to any of the ads.All correspondence is done via PM. Another requirement is that you have 10 posts,which you do not have yet,so you may need to post a couple more times and the PM privileges will open up for you.Hope this helps.
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