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With Jarryd Hayne's debut for the 49ers there was an Australian sports reporter, Matt Cleary, who live blogged the game for the Guardian. In the absolutely most entertaining way possible.

USA Today picked it up. Here's one example:
“Righto, Niners ball, they have a crack through Hayne Plane’s roomie, Carlos “Jekkly’n” Hyde. He bashes through a few blokes, notches four yards. There’s a flag for … something. An illegal formation. And the Vikings are penalised some yards for it. Next play. More flags. What now man? False start. And … what is doing? And the Niners are third and 14. It’s not sustainable. And… that’s the end of the quarter. No siren? Nothing? Just that’s it. Time up. Let’s go off and breathe some.”

And another:
“Teddy Bridgewater flings a pass wide by Aaron Lynch, a giant human, swamps the wide man like a giant wet blanket with arms."

The whole thing:
Jarryd Hayne's debut as seen in Australia: a fumble, flags and breaks ? as it happened | Sport | The Guardian
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