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I have new panels to fit the "Anniversary Model Blackhawk, & the New Vaquero". These panels will not fit the Original Vaquero, or the New Models. I can also make panels from any of the wood I have displayed in any of my ad's., custom fitted to your particular frame, if you are willing to send me your frame & panels

Some, but not all of these panels are just slightly thicker than the original Ruger grips, & spread the recoil over a larger area. (Inquire about the thickness before ordering.) They are quite comfortable in the hand, especially with heavier loads. If there is something You like, it can be made in standard, or any width You desire. (takes approximately three weeks)

It is my intent to help protect & support this Forums Members & my fellow gun owners, in any way possible, therefore, I will not accept "Pay Pal" Payments, because of their very strong "Anti-Gun" Policies. Just my personal convictions, as I will not actively or knowingly support a "WAR" against our 2nd. Ammendment rights !!!


These panels are priced "Your choice" at $65.50 + Shpg., & They will have ferrules installed, & will come with the grip screw, & grip spacer.Spacers will keep you from over tightening the panels & pulling the ferrules thru the panels.

I will also do S.A. panels from Your supplied wood for $30.00 + $5.00 for the ferrules, & $3.00 Shpg.

Shipping will be ;
$3.50 First Class Mail,
or $6.50 Priority Mail. Your Choice.

I accept U.S.P.S. Money Orders, or a check, as payment.

I am constantly making new panels, so my inventory changes all the time. If You don't see something You like, just ask.
I also have panel inserts for the GP100, GP100 Compact, & SP101, if anyone is interested in any of the wood in those ads for Blkhwk. or Vqro. panels.

Thanks for looking, & have a great day;
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