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Greetings from beautiful downtown Bogart, GA, about 60 miles east of Atlanta, and 10 miles west of Athens.

I arrived at sorta accidentally, on three counts.

First, after decades of NOT having a gun in the house, and living in a relatively peaceful homogeneous rural community, the creeping urban sprawl of Atlanta came to this county via a carful of metro-Atlanta punx who drove 40 miles and did a random home invasion about three miles from us. It could've just as easily been our house. So the missus reluctantly bought the gun-ownership argument of: "Better to have, and not need; than to need, and not have".

Second, my wife had a ruptured brain aneurysm some years ago which left her partially paralyzed on her left side. So whatever weapon we got had to be able to be used "single handed". After a good deal of research and talking w/ gun owners, we settled on the .357 SP101 w/ 3" barrel, which fits her hand, and which she can operate with one hand (shooting 38 special ammo). We also got a used .22 cal. Single-Six equipped w/ a Crimson Trace laser sight for training and target practice. I intend to get the "coming soon!" rubber overmold Crimson Trace LG-303 grips for the SP101 whenever they come out this summer.

Finally, I stumbled upon the *other* Ruger Forum across the street, which is no longer accepting new folx. And *this Forum* was mentioned in a thread, so I visited here. IMHO, this website is set up to be a better, more comprehensive discussion area than the other place, so I'm glad I'm here.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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