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so the new trailer for the Dexter series extension "New Blood" was released and i couldn't help but notice a gentleman holding a rifle that look an awful lot like a Ruger Precision Gen 3.

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this is just a screenshot off my phone. it could just be an AR with M-lok handguard but the gaps between the M-lok slots are slightly angled like those on the RPR's. even the pic rail that comes with the rifles have a gap in the middle where a swivel stud is and the rifle in the trailer looks to have that same rail.

a better picture from a video thumbnail and when zoomed in it looks like the hinge between the receiver and stock is visible.

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sorry if im breaking any laws about posting someone else's pics but i just wanted to share this. in this new season Dexter owns and operates a gun shop in a small northern town. with the popularity of the Ruger Precision rifles i can see how one found its way into the hands of one of the characters. nice to see it get some big screen time finally, even if it is only for a moment.
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