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Anybody using Federal Power-Shok Rifle Rounds?

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I was at Wally-World and I found Federal Power-Shok, $8.38 for 20 X 30-30 and $9.96 for 20 X .270! I am used to paying $20.00+ for my .270 WIN cartridges. These were not on sale. This is the normal price.

Is this to good to be true? Are these good shooting rounds? Anybody have any good or bad on this ammunition?
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They're good rounds and they're at a GREAT price, buy some. What bullet weight's do they have?
In 30-30 they have 150 and 170 grain... I have my Winchester 94 Ranger dialed in at 150 yards using 170 grain with Bushnell 3-9 X Fixed 40mm Objective lens.

In .270 they have 130 and 150 grain... I have my Remington 7400 dialed in at 250 yards using the 130 grain with Busnell 4-12 X Varible 40mm Objective lens.

So I picked up 4 X .270 130gr and 2 X 30-30 170gr.
They are in "blue" boxes, and kind of stand out...

And now it's range time! I'll keep you posted...:D
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quote:Originally posted by RNettles

And now it's range time! I'll keep you posted...:D
Have a great day at the range. [8D]
Thanks! I didn't have room for my shotgun shells in the picture...[8D]
How did the new Federals shoot?
My wife and I spent most of the afternoon shooting. :D
Ace number one... I have a new favorite...

I compared the 30-30: Winchester 170gr Power Point with Federal 170gr Soft Point RN...
Federal did just as good.

I compared the .270: Winchester 130gr Power Point with Federal Power-Shok 130gr Soft Point...
Federal did just as good.

I compared the .270: Federal Premium 150gr Nosler whith Federal Power-Shok 130ge Soft Point...

Federal Premium 150gr Nosler won for accuracy... but lost for cost... 20 @ $25.07
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