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I'd be preaching to the choir about how to stop it-I'll just say we need to pray for our children's safety every day-there're so many angry kids out many sicko adults-and talk to our kids about it-they've got to be scared. I've taught my boys if it happens with them-don't just sit there-do whatever it takes to either stop the perp or get away-(without details, you know what to teach them-)if they're going to get hurt-try. Historically, just sitting quietly is no assurance of safety. Look and tell what you see strange-immediately. It's time to get a right way...we can do better at protecting our schools.
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Arm the teachers that wish to be armed. All the staff should be armed. Putting one LEO in a school is a joke. He can be everywhere at once.
I like the idea of arming the teachers. Unfortunately too many of the affluent people of this country vote the wrong way for that to happen.
My wife works at school and has a CCW permit but she has to leave her gun at home. Cannot leave it in the car unattended on the school parking lot. I'm afraid if something happened to her because of the stupid rules we have about not carrying in certain places, I would have a hard time forgiving the ones that voted for the politicians that made the laws.
In Tx., I can carry it on the parking lot or sidewalk up to the front door-and even stick my head in the door-just not whole body-and I, as a citizen, can leave it in the car.
(When I go to the high school-I'm worried one of the thugs hanging out in the parking lot will rip me off while I'm in the school-and once I get in school-I see reasons galore to carry-pity the poor security officer.) Teachers and employees, however, give up their rights to get the job and can't carry in the school parking lot or have it in their car---and they go through the lots with dogs which can smell guns and drugs in the cars. (If they ever sniff my truck, they'll never get that dog off point again!!) Some states were trying to pass laws that employers couldn't keep you from having it locked in your car on their property-otherwise, the employers could be sued if something happens on the way to or from work...that's why Wal-mart gave in and took their signs down-a CCW customer deprived of the right to protect himself could sue them if they were hurt there---it's all lawyers and bean-counters-they don't care about people anymore-just the bottom line.
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I don't know about you guys but I don't like the idea of having to depend on someone else to protect me and thatincludes armed guards or the law, It would be little comfort to me if they arrested the goon that left me or one of my loved ones lying in a pool of blood when I or someone else that was armed could have prevented it. Heck, I've got a .380 Sig in my back pocket just to get the paper in my driveway.
And you'll never regret it-but you might regret the one time you didn't bother. I used to put my magnum in my belt under my tshirt when I walked outside to get the paper in my 20's when I was fit and ready-EVERY time-and I'm not in my 20's ever again and I'm not fit right now-and it's 32 years later-and times are tougher----and not getting better anytime soon-I'll always blow the trumpet for always armed, always alert, and always careful-it's the "Oh, it's only one time" that gets many a good man-or a loved one while a good man stands there with his "I wish..." in his hand. I want to tell everyone that'll listen-----Never take anything for granted and live a long, safe, and happy life...with no regrets. If its him or you-it's gotta be him or we'll miss you at breakfast!!!
Amen to that, I surely wouldn't want to miss RNettles bacon and eggs or wetidlerjr's donuts in the morning so I'll be packing
Went to a friend's for electrical problem he was having Sunday-he brought up that what concerns him is that if anything happens in big D, the locals would swarm out of their hives and we'd have to face them without police-and this guy's a soft, easygoing guy-with a Mossberg 500 under the bed(ex-Navy)--that feeling's spreading. This country is capable of protecting herself from invasion-the enemy is within already-and I think if we all just had the proper willingness to defend ourselves-we could, in most of the South, anyways, pool the resources of any ten homes and be pretty well armed-just need people to skip sports and old movies awhile and make a plan--kind of hard to do when you don't know your neighbors. I know 12 in my close neighborhood-only 5 have any kind of preparedness...the rest would turn the TV on to see what the gunshots in the neighborhood were. Sorry for the rant this morning-haven't had my eggs.
That post really gets me to thinking. Myself and one other neighbor [ he's a cowboy shooter ] out of 11 homes would be the total defense of this neighborhood. The rest are widows or quite elderly. There is a bridge that separates our small gathering from the main part of town. They would have to cross the bridge and come thru our area to get to two restaurants and a Fred Meyer grocery store.I can see it now.
As you talk to your neighbor, you might suggest that he keep a few boxes of full power loads for each gun he has-they load real light to do CAS...If he's close enough 1/4 mile-you might share the cost of a pair of Family Band walkie-talkies---appx. $30-then if the phones go out-you can switch on and what you can't see coming-he might be able to-team up and keep abreast of what's happening. You might be surprised at what weapons those other folks have-just don't shoot anymore---I've got an 84-year-old friend that'd shoot before he'd give up-has a S&W .38 and a Mini-14.
I spent a total of 14 years as an elementary and secondary school principal. About 10 years ago in a small, rural town in NE Oklahoma, on two occasions I took guns away from elementary school students. One was in the 3rd grader, had a .22 "sucicide special", cheap, break-top revolver that he had picked up at home and had brought to school as a "playground show and tell"! This little sucker was not menacing with it, just brought it to school and was passing it around on the playground. It was not loaded. This kid was expelled from school for one year and was taken into custody by the Sheriff Dept.

The second occasion was when a 5th grader brought a .380 auto to school. The gun was a cheap Raven, or something of similar type and quality. When I recovered it off the kid, it had a loaded magazine, and had one in the chamber. He had it in his coat pocket and was showing other kids how to "load" it and cycle cartridges through the pistol, again out on the play ground. He also got a one year "vacation" from our school and never did come back.

About this same time, I was at school armed when I knew I would have to deal with one of the "certifiable whack jobs" from the community. We ended up calling the sheriff to have him removed from the school ground. About a year latter, he murdered his wife.

Twenty years earlier, in Kansas, had to deal with a "whack job" at a school event. This guy was the town nut case, was sent away for an "evaluation", and upon release, took a gun a sunk a boat he and his father were in on a lake. Oh, by the way, he lived right next door to the school.

I don't think that the rank and file teacher would have the mind set to carry a firearm in a life and death crisis situation, I think they are just not "wired" right to take this kind of position. I do think that a large number of school personel would, however take on this responsibility and have the ability to deal with a crisis. I think the prohibition of concealed carry by appropriate people at schools is a grave mistake.

I've "been there and done that", and schools are definitly not a safe place. I'm afraid we are only going to see more tragedy in the future.
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All that and you're just one...wish we had a way to compile every incident in the last 20 years-I know there're many who never get put on paper because the kid's parents are influential, etc...all the violence I saw in my first 12 years was in school-if two or three people were armed-that would give the kids more of a chance...even custodial disputes are more and more violent now...we learn the hard way.
I had a post on the other forum about arming the teachers. As I said there, Isreal arms their teachers, and they do not have school shootings. The idiots in Washington need to wake up and do their job, instead of passing more feel-good legislation. The "gun free school zones" are one of the contributing causes to all this, IMHO.
Got one of those idiotic signs in my front yard that I have to mow understanding is that the penalty is enhanced for gun or drug crimes between that sign and school-why don't we pre-empt the penalty, arm some responsible adults at each school-and let our kids have enhanced SAFETY-for a change.
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