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AR Stock choices?

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I have the Ruger 556FB, love the gun and most all accessories with the exception of the stock. Functional, it works, but seems like the only piece on the gun that seems like they cut corners with. Found a stock that I really like, the Magpul PRS but at about $190.00 seems a little steep in comparison to others. All the reviews are good, but having a hard time justifying. Any of you used it or have a different one that you really love? In other words, suggestions please.
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check out Cheaper Than Dirt for a good selection of stocks.then shop around.
I agree, Shaneshot. The buttstock on my SR556FB is one of the things I'd like to change out eventually too. I really like Magpul stuff, but my wife is still getting over the sticker shock from the rifle itself, so me dumping another wad of cash on the gun for aftermarket parts might be met with a less than enthusiastic response right now. I want that Geissele SSA trigger too. A few more Magpul Pmags, a PWS buffer tube, a nifty new optic, etc.

I'm learning about patience right now.
I really like the Magpul CTR. It is very light, durable, and has a friction locking system that actually works. You can get it on Amazon for $72.

Here it is on the lower one.

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Can't go wrong with the UBR. It really balances my 556C quite well. I can hold the rifle balanced on my finger if I put my finger in front of the mag well.

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