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Two old Arkansas hillbilly buddies reunited for a deer hunt after many years living in different parts of the country. Neither one of them were know for their intellect.
They were hunting in a fairly open area with an area of dense slough of about an acre or so.
"Hey!" Says Billie-Bob, "If'n y'all goes arount the sloo bottom from the raaht over yonder an' ya swing 'round tuh udder saad dare, y'all mite spook a deer mah way."
"Good iedeer," says Davy-Joe, "you jess be dang careful like an' don't go shootin' me."
"I'll be careful. Now you git goin'."

It took a few minutes, but Davy-Joe went around the slough like Billie-Bob instructed. Kinda toward the end of the slough, Davy-Joe got tangled in some rushes and made a bit of a commotion. 'Course Billie-Bob knew that was a deer so he up and takes a shot not really seeing his target. The thrashing stopped and Billie-Bob went over to the spot to find Davy-Joe layin' in a pool of his own blood! Billie-Bob went into high gear and rushed his buddy to the hospital emergency room. When the doctor emerged from the treatment room, Billie-Bob grabs him.
"How 'bout it, Doc? Is he gonna live? Is he going to be ok?"
"Well, the wound really wasn't all that serious, and he probably would have made a full recovery - if you hadn't field dressed him". :eek:
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