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Here's a few of mine. None of these guns will I ever sell. Some are new, and some are old, but I enjoy them all.:)

A 1976 Colt Python 6" barrel.

These are my daily carrys. A S&W 1911/45 scandium PD. Kel-Tec 3AT.

2005 Thunder Ranch model 21-4 .44spl 4"barrel

Here's old S&W Model 19-4.

For you Sheepdog my Speed-Six Ruger.357mag.
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Wow, very nice collection. Thank you for sharing!
Nice guns!
Nice guns Baldy! I really like that PYTHON. :D
Very nice Baldy. Don't blame you for not selling them.
Very nice! :)

I like those grips on the Smith 1911. They look like cocobolo, are they? Where did you get 'em? Have website address for them?
Thanks for the compliments guys. Ruger Packer I think they are redwood. I don't usually buy goodies for my guns, but heck I was in trouble already anyway. Bought grips and SS screws. She didn't even crack a smile when I showed it to her. Next day she was all right.
Very nice assortment! I like your choices.............
Really nice guns. I sure like that Model 19.
Nice collection you have there!

I also carry a Kel-Tec P3AT every day. Mine is blued with black frame but I also have a P32 that is Hard Chromed with gray frame. It's the one pistol small enough to never leave behind no matter how I'm dressed. My P97DC is my full size (but not full time) carry.
I know what you mean Cavediver. It's in my pocket at all times. I been under the weather all week. I laid down to take a nap today, and when I woke it was still there. I had forgot about it. It's about like carring a big knife. Doesn't weight much more either.
I think I'm going to have to buy a (gasp!) Kel-Tec too. Everyone I have heard from says they are cheap and reliable. (Kind of like a Ruger.) I have a little S&W 442, but even it's a pocketful in tight blue jeans. Have you guys had good luck with them also?
thanks for sharing them with us.
No pic of your SpeedSix? Already got it wrapped up for Christmas? Need my dealer's address????:D
I really like the grips! And the revolver too. :)
Just read this old thread----very nice collection.
Really like that smith 21 44spl. would like to hear more about that one sometime. Been seeing them for sale over at cdnn.
I like that 44 Special myself. You know, I could live with that collection, my M1 Garand and a shotgun and be satisfied with no further weapon purchases I do believe. I still think that SS Speed six with the wood/tyler grip is the ultimate carry piece.
Very nice collection Baldy, I tend to favor the Python myself, but they all look beautiful., and its a nice assortment. Im the same way, I have a hard time parting with any of my guns too.
Wish I could send you one Sheepdog. That one cost me a arm and leg and it's the only one I have seen in these parts for sale.
Hey Mr Deputy that M/21-4 is the Thunder Ranch edition with the case and all with it. All them S&W collectors knock it now because of the embalem. Wait and see down the road they'll be drooling over them. I won't be around but one of my kids might get something out of it. That is one of my most relaxing guns to shoot.
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