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Be Prepared

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Give a thought to "What if..."--and I mean to be conservative and not crying "WOLF": With tapes by OBL and his right hand man ordering immediate action against America, suppose we had an event or events that affected us on the local level-take a few minutes to consider things that might get scarce or expensive-might be worth the effort to pick up a few things like lights, water, TP, 2-way radios (Cheap family bands units-good between neighbors 1-2 miles},canned goods,spare batteries, fresh first aid supplies, strong whiskey or 70%alcohol-extra refills on critical RX, gas for generators and other needs, empty coke bottles (glass),other things to sustain us if electricity or communications were out, etc. A storm is coming-of a different type than we've had in this country-and we've seen the gov't in a disaster-good friends, neighbors, and family will be our help. If you have the kind of friends you can talk to about these things-it'd be a good reason to have a cup of coffee and a chat. Radical threats and yammering is not what this post is meant to foment-just let us be ready to weather the storm well.
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You forgot to mention stock up on ammo...
If I have to mention that to THIS group-it won't matter anyways-just wish you all lived in my town-not that many think like we do anymore...we've had it too easy too long! I've seen posts like mine run wild and crazy-don't think so on this site-seems to be more level-headed men the Minutemen were-not looking for a fight but ready if it comes to call. I really enjoy the attitudes on this site--I'll bet it stays this way,too.
Good comments sheepdog. I too believe that there is unfortunately the possibility of storm on the horizon unlike anything we have seen in the past. I have begun looking at things like my firearms in a totally different light. Yea, in the past I had a pistol for CC and nightstand duty but now I think about weapons for the SHTF situation. I've added a Remington 870HD w/ 18" barrel and 2 round extension along with 100 rounds of 00 Buck and 30 rounds of slugs. I've stockpiled 500 rounds each of 9mm and .45 ACP for my pistols. I've also added several extra boxes of 357 magnum, .270 Win, .308 Win. and a ton of .22 rimfire. Basically I have enough ammunition to keep my firearms functioning for a long time. I've also purchased a generator and keep 20 gal. of gas with stabilizer to run it. I'm keeping more and better flahlights and we do have a set of 2-way radios for family / neighbor communcations. Haven't stocked up on the whiskey yet, I still a beer guy:D
I'm ready... and have been since we caught a glimpse of New Orleans...

In addition, and not shown in the picture, I have an assortment of shotgun ammunition...:D
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If transportation breaks down, our reloading friends are going to be really valuable-be nice to them now so they'll remember you when you need them.
This is just one of the reasons that I sold my house, and got away from the big city.

Another thing to add to your list - is a trailer to live in in case you have to, and a truck to move it.

One might consider becoming a ham radio operator. The 2 meter spectrum is very good for information away from the big cities where they have all went to trunking to try and keep information away from people.

The license is easy to obtain now, and radios are very inexpensive, and they have the ability to scan all the way up to 174 megs so there is lots of information going on that one might want to hear.

Consider a solar panel for your trailer to make it self substainable.

We got plenty of ammo. Gas genarator,and gas. Swimmin pool full of good water. A fair amount of can goods. If it's a nuke though it won't matter. If they want to fight, I think we can do that.
One of the advantages of living in the SouthEast is that you're always prepared for several weeks of post-hurricane independence. After last year, we took a hard look at the things we missed. Communications: I got my ham radio license and a portable radio;
minimum power (lights, fan): I set up a 12V system, with solar recharging;
Entertainment: I got a 12V TV/DVD.
Water supply: I got a hand pumped water purification system.
Food: I have a couple weeks of food.
Good first aid kit.
Masks to prevent against airborne contaminents
10 gallons of gas so I can get out of the area.
Plenty of ammo...

This list isn't complete - I'm just jotting things down as I remember them.
Patas...Ham radio is interesting --is there a how-to-get-started type website?----what is the trunking you spoke of? Also, didn't think of solar cells---see-we all help each other become stronger!! Baldy-told my neighbor about his hot tub-he wrinkled his nose-I told him either the chlorine works or it doesn't-water is water!!
Get a good chainsaw! Burn wood for heat in the event natural gas supplies are disrupted.
All very good points. Those that have encountered a disaster looks at it in a different view. I read about New Orleans, and we had a bad ice storm a few years ago that took out power for a couple of weeks. I believe in the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared". I wouldn't have a problem with ammo. I stock enough reloading supplies to fight a war. I've been think about a travel trailer to spend the weekends on the Ranch anyway, and now sounds like a better idea.
Sorry for the double post-my computer/dialup was running real slow and I thought it hadn't sent. The solar is something I hadn't thought of-opens the way to use hi-power rechargeable lights instead of just battery lights.......also radio/tv-I've seen 12v to 120 converters. We are all electric but next to the wooods and have a firepit in the back and fireplace...
Trunking is like cell phone but the police and fire and other government offices use it in the 800 mhz area so they have privacy away from the commen people.

It can be listened to by scanners with mods, however it is difficult and there are annying noise to discourage people from evasdropping.

Amazing isn't it. listening to radio waves in the air is not prohibited, however, your tax money is paying for equipment that prohibits you from listening to what your tax money goes for.
I thought of that... I have little packets of desicant in each one...:D
And besides, I usualy shoot 2 containers per weekend... They rotate rather frequently... but thanks for your concern!
quote:Originally posted by Ledberel

Not sure if I'd store my loaded ammo in plastic containers. Seems like trapped moisture would condense in them and even worse outgassed gun powder dust could accumulate.
How can "powder dust" outgas and accumulate?
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Patas...Ham radio is interesting --is there a how-to-get-started type website?----what is the trunking you spoke of? Also, didn't think of solar cells---see-we all help each other become stronger!! Baldy-told my neighbor about his hot tub-he wrinkled his nose-I told him either the chlorine works or it doesn't-water is water!!
A good place to start with ham radio is
I bought a case of .308 that has 1440 rounds. In a SHTF situation, I am heading up to the smoky mountains with trusty here:
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Interesting-there's a club in my town-and, more importantly, Elmering is available...betchaIcandoit!! If conventional comm. breaks down or overloads-ham would be invaluable. Thanks!
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