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Benchmade Nim Cub II

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This is a knife I never see mentioned in forums. After watching several YouTube videos on this knife, I had to have one. Coming in second was the ESEE-4 which I think will be my next knife with a 4.5" blade length, and I think I will get that one in a combo blade. My EDC Spyderco Delica is a combo blade, and I really like it. This knife arrived super sharp. It’s my first Benchmade, and I think it might even be sharper than my Spyderco knives, which are all folders.

Some specs for the knife nerds.

The Nim Cub II 147 is a compact fixed blade that was designed in collaboration with elite airborne military personnel. The Nimravus Nim Cub II has a black finished 154-CM plain drop-point blade with a plain cutting edge. The handle scales are textured Noryl GTX with an EDM finish. A molded MOLLE compatible sheath allows easy carry and accessibility.

Benchmade Specifications:
Overall Length: 7.87"
Blade Length: 3.50"
Blade Thickness: 0.115"
Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 58-61HRC
Blade Style: Drop-Point
Weight: 3.20 oz.
Carry: Sheath Included, MOLLE® Compatible
Sheath Weight: 1.10 oz.

That makes the total weight of the knife and sheath 4.3 oz. It also comes with FDE handles and combo blades and another inch of blade length. Any new knives or guns get photographed right out of the box. I can’t help myself. I probably should have used a Ruger in the photo, but the Sig was easier to get to.

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That is a very nice knife! It looks just right with that Sig, like they came from the same factory.

I have several Benchmade knives. My favorite is my Adamas 275 Folder.
Thanks. Both knife and gun are all black. I’ll probably photograph it with some other guns for the heck of it. My only complaint is that the strap on the sheath is too short by a tad bit more than 1/4 inch, so the strap is useless which is why the first photo does not have the strap fastened. The knife does not snap into the sheath, but it does fit quite snug and won’t come out by itself.
I have owned 5 benchmade folders all top quality and good looking too.
Too much plastic!
I have owned 5 benchmade folders all top quality and good looking too.
I’ve been thinking about getting a Benchmade for quite a while and they have more to offer in fixed blades than Spyderco does. I have a lot of Spyderco folders, but don’t know much about the Benchmade folders.
That's an awesome knife. I almost bought one when the first came out. I have 3 Benchmade knives and will probably have more.

I just was looking at it again but I had picked up a Seal Pup recently and probably need to wait a while before I buy another fixed blade.
Very nice. I've toyed with the idea of getting a fixed blade, but something a little larger.
Very nice. I've toyed with the idea of getting a fixed blade, but something a little larger.
The ESEE-4 has another inch of blade and looks like a very nice knife. It will probably be my next fixed blade knife.
Benchmade makes great knives . I love the ones I have. I don't know what your price range is but look at Winkler knives. He makes some nice knives for special forces and for seal team six. Handmade ,pricey but I think I will be owning one at some point.
I looked at the Winkler knives page a few weeks ago after someone posted a photo of theirs in one of the forums I participate in. Very nice knives, but way too expensive. I choked over the $124 price I paid for the Benchmade Nim Cub II. I’m thinking of adding one more fixed blade to my collection, and it will probably be the ESEE 4 with a 4 ½ inch blade for around the $124 price range. The Benchmade Nim Cub II is the most expensive knife I own. I own more knives than I use, so I try to keep the new knife purchases to a minimum. I have a lot of Spyderco folders that have only been out of their box to be photographed.
FYI. Esee 4 can be had for $99. 124 is on the high side.
FYI. Esee 4 can be had for $99. 124 is on the high side.
Actually, there are 21 versions of the ESEE 4 ranging in price from $86 to $130. The cheaper ones are without sheath. The one I’m looking at is about $124. See this link.
Just trying to help. BladeHQ is on the high side but hey, its your money.
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