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Best ammo for new Ruger SR556

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I just plunked down my dough for a Ruger SR556. I would like to lay in a store of ammo -- does this gun have any "preferences" that way? Was looking at Federal 55 gr. which seems reasonably cheap. Anyone out there have experience with ammo for this rifle?
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I haven't shot mine enough to find a favorite but 55gr federal american eagle in the black boxes has been working real well for me. Accurate and reliable for me so far.
I've been using PMC Bronze 55 gr. in my SR556. Never a misfire or feed problem.

$7.99 for a box of 20 rounds at my LGS if I can't afford to buy a case. (Which I usually can't)
I use the cheap 100 count Federal 55gr. from Walmart.
Mine seems to favor Hornady 62 gr TAP, but did well with everything I fed it. I didn't try any steel.
Have fired 1800 + ae tactical 55 and rorg Swedish NATO 90 grain. Rorg is dirtier but given that range of grain this gun should shoot anything reliably
One of the reasons I purchased this rifle this week was because of it's reliability and ease to maintain. I picked it up Monday and have put 150 rounds of Hornady 55gr brass fmj through it and not only has it not misfired or misfed, it probably wouldn't have to be cleaned if I weren't a stcikler for maintenance. It seems like from what I have learned here that you should stick with brass case or full brass ammo.
Coming directly from Ruger, they say that it won't favor any particular 5.56 weight and should shoot almost any weight reliably and accurately. Buy a few different types and see what you get best results with. I am shooting the Federal XM855 62 gr. and Federal XM193 55 gr with good results. I have only shot my SR-556E indoors @ 50yards max so far, but I couldn't be more impressed with this rifle.
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